To KEEP the best retail people, they need to be both connected ​and inspired ...

Australian retail employee churn lies between a costly 40% to 60% .

​Lack of employee engagement in an uninspiring and disconnected work place is the cause of these high staff churn levels, costing retailers millions of dollars every year.

For your team to be engaged you need to be more engaging.

At the core of why most retail employees leave their companies, is because they don't feel valued or inspired. Retail employees often feel disengaged and disconnected.
Is your work culture really engaging? How do you know?

Do your people come to work or do they belong to a community?

Community means...

All too often retailers are reactive, wasting time and resources, constantly refilling holes.

Caring about our work, our colleagues, and our place in the world, and in turn being inspired by this caring. Many of the companies we admire most typically have created this strong sense of community.

Communities create contribution.

In companies with a strong community DNA, employees feel valued and respected. Employees feel like they are making a contribution. ​Building a strong sense of 'tribal' community brings clarity of purpose and belonging so employees stay longer.

What if your people felt part of an inspirational community?

Stop throwing your ‘hard earned’ profit dollars down the toilet because of high staff turn-over.
​Instead build an engaging community where your team feels the powerful pull of belonging and connection.

All too often retailers are reactive, wasting time and resources, constantly refilling holes.

​Unfortunately proactively building a connected and inspired workplace community is most often put on the back-burner.
Identifying and overcoming the core roadblock preventing you from building a connected and inspired community is what we at Get Grow & Keep Profitable Retail People, do every day.

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