Focused on shrinking the visible and invisible costs of employee turnover

You want great people, contributing to your business and positively impacting your customer's buying experience.

You want great people, to stay with you for longer...​Costing you less money...Creating more profit.

That's what Get, Grow and Keep Profitable Retail People is all about!

Replacing over half your team every year?

"A revolving people door is a waste of time and causes unnecessary frustration, stress and lost revenue for both owners and store operators. Most of this pain is caused by 'old school' retail thinking."

Removing ​needless aggravation and disenchantment.

Founder & Director, Ian Segail, developed the Get, Grow & Keep Program out of a passion and commitment to cut the high cost of retail employee turnover.
His goal is to impact in the primary areas of retail that cause needless aggravation and disenchantment for both the employers of retail people and employees themselves.

Regain time and focus to run a profitable retail chain

Discover...​ ​how to build an engaged retail team that can run the business and make you money...Now and into the future.

Massively cut back on the time, resources and money other retailers waste on employee turnover.

Instead, do what you do best.....Run a profitable and successful retail chain.